Terms and conditions

Dear Buyer, we do our best to make You happy buying with us. We would like to draw Your attention to the fact that you are buying second-hand goods from us. Buying and selling such items is a delicate process, but it must always end up with your full satisfaction. We have developed a number of simple steps which should be useful to follow during the whole process. 


We pay close attention to all inquiries from the buyers and try to provide You with complete information on the condition of the goods. We want to draw special attention to some moments that will simplify our communication: 

  • We are neither a producer nor a service center therefore we do not possess specific information on: technical specifications and compatibility of the items being sold, specific purposes that items being sold serve. We do not possess information on the history of the items as to whom it belonged before it got on the eBay. 
  • We strongly recommend that you ask all questions about the condition of the item before committing yourself to buying. 


Our experts spend a lot of time correctly describing the condition of the items for you to quickly take the right decision when buying the items. We are also responding fast to all Your inquiries. Therefore, if despite all our endeavors it turned out that Your opinion on the item’s condition upon its delivery is different from your expectations, we are offering You to do the following: 

  1. Write us a message telling us about your opinion 
  2. We will consider Your opinion in the time period of 12-24 hours and will come back to You with the following options:
  • Partial Refund 
  • Full refund after we get the item back from You 
  • Discount for Your next purchase 

You can choose any of the above options. 

In case, You have decided to get the full refund, You should do the following: 

  • Agree with us on the method of return shipment. 
  • Send the item back to us and let us know the tracking number. 
  • We, on our part, will get the item back from you and refund the money to you. 

If You chose the partial refund option, than You have to do the following: 

  • Agree with us on the amount of the partial amount of money to be refunded. (If you change your mind in the process of negotiation and decide to go for the full refund, it is ok for us too; we will accept such a choice too). 
  • We will do the partial refund in the period of 1-2 days. 

We would like to ask You to refrain from the following steps: 

  • Please do not try to repair or have the items repaired by repair services without having that been agreed on with us. In case you do repairs on your own without agreeing that with us, you will lose the right to return the item. We will not also consider any partial refunds on any costs incurred by repairing activities which have not been in advance agreed on with us. 
  • Demand from us parts or details that were not described in the description or pictured on the photos of the auction, but you, for some reason, decided that they were supposed to be a part of the item. For example, if there is no lens cap on the picture of the item or mentioned in the description of the item, than there will be no lens cap. 
  • Return to us only the part of the item without our consent. 


We are sure that You have thoroughly read the description of the item and all our instructions. You decision is serious and responsible. A few steps for the buyer to pay attention to finalize the transaction quickly and stress-free: 

  1. Please, read carefully the description of the item 
  2. If you have questions, please, ask them. 
  3. Please, think twice if You are going to be ready to pay for the item by doing the following: 
  • Check Your Paypal account if it is in good standing that You do not need to confirm a credit card or raise the limit at Your Paypal account 
  • If You have enough funds in Your Paypal account 
  • If the members of Your family are not against this purchase 
  • If the method of payment method mentioned in the description of the item is acceptable by you. 

You have to beforehand decide on which address the item must be delivered and you yourself should accordingly do all the address changes on your Paypal account. Attention: We can ship only on the registered Paypal addresses. 

Make sure that you will be able to get the item from the postman or at the post office in the country of destination.


We do not separate items. Please, do not ask us to do so. We reserve the right to ignore such inquiries. 


  • In the most of the cases we ship the items within the 1 working day after the payment 
  • We will always let You know the tracking number immediately after dispatch 
  • The delivery time varies from 2 to 6 days depending on the destination.


  • We cannot influence the process of delivery after the package left our office. We can see the same tracking information what you can see. 
  • In the unlikely event of loss, damage, delay of the delivery we are always on your side.

In case You have additional questions, please contact us. 

We work during the working days in the working hours between 9.00 and 18.00 Middle European Time. Buyers from other time zones please take this into consideration when contacting us. 

Our address: Photo-Vision s.r.o. Navratilova 9 110 00 Praha Czech Republic VAT: CZ29188814 Tel: +420 608 820 955