Additional Receiver f. Helios X system 428633/4-channel Radio Trigger Set 428630

4-channel Radio Trigger Set for Studio 428630 : The trigger has 4 different radio channels for complicated studio set-ups. Transmitter can be connected to the camera hot-shoe or to the PC sync port via cable. Receiver requires 3,5 mm or 6,3 mm port on flash head. Max working range up to 30 m (depending on conditions). Does not require direct sight to work.Transmitter powered by 23A 12V alkaline battery, receiver by 2× AAA. Includes: one transmitter, one receiver, cables and 3,5 -> 6,3 mm F/M adapter. Additional Receiver for Helios X system 428633 : Receiver is suitable for releasing compact flashguns via X contact. This is a must-have for all macro fans and for photographers doing studio setups with compact flashguns. Because of identical transmitters this receiver is also suitable for using with Helios trigger system for studio monoblocks. The only difference is that this receiver can release flashguns via X contact or PC sync cable.
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