Lipca ROLLOP II 6x6 TLR Film Camera with Ennagon 3.5/75mm rollei rolleiflex

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Condition report:

  • Lipca ROLLOP II 6x6 TLR Film Camera #059523
  • Cosmetic Condition
    • The body of the camera shows minimal signs of use
    • See picture for detail
    Mechanical Condition
    • The mechanics of the camera is fully function
    • The shutter speeds are fully functional
    • The camera was fully re-serviced
  • Enna Werk Ennagon 3.5/75mm C #2015399 Lens
  • Optical Condition
    • No scratches / no separation / no fungus / no haze - inside or on the optics
    Cosmetic Condition
    • Barrel shows medium signs of use
    Mechanical Condition
    • All shutter speeds are functional
    • Aperture is fully-functional
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