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  • Mamiya RB67 Pro S Camera GOLDEN LIZARD with Sekor C 90mm f/3.8

    Includes: box, Camera body, body cap, 120 film back, waist level finder, Lens, front/rear caps, rubber hood, strap, manual instruction (DE). Ner used. Nice and clean.
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  • Mamiya 645 AFD III Medium Format Camera w/ 80mm 210mm and Leaf Aptus II 5

    Includes: Mamiya 645 AFD III Camera body, body caps/front and rear, 1x EJJI 10K battery for camera, strap, manual instruction (EN) and box; Phose One 645 AF 2.8/80mm Lens, front and rear caps, hood; Mamiya 645 AF ULD 4/210mm Lens, front and rear cap; AUTO Extension Tube NA401 and NA 402; Leaf Aptus II 5 Digital back/Shots on Back: 64003, front and rear cover, 2x battery pack, charger MCL 103 (without AC cable), diffuser gain for Mamiya AFD((252-00768A), plastic case. Nice condition/Fully functional. Please see pictures for detail.
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