Le Coultre Compass Camera with Accessories

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A Jaeger Le Coultre Compass Camera Outfit. Includes: Compass camera chrome, serial #2719 with Anastigmat 3.5/35mm lens, original paper box and with original instruction book, rare Compass Camera Club leaflet, and a letter from Compass Cameras Ltd London dated May 1938. Rare Roll film Back for Compass Camera. In soft pouch with instruction book and original advertising leaflet. Rare Tripod for Compass camera in remains of original box . Also Compass shutter release and neck chain, in original soft pouches. Rare Daylight Developing Outfit for Compass Camera. Comprising two canisters (for developer and fixer), each individually marked to prevent confusion, and developing `tank` for single cut sheets.Manufactured by R. Clifton Ltd, Kingston on Thames. In original box with instructions/price list.
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